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I was raised in Calif. on dairies that bottled our own milk. I know good milk. Besides being good milk, there is a health issue I don't hear much about. About 2 years ago, I discovered I was "lactose intolerant". I felt so much better when I cut out dairy, but I was so sad. I had blood work done at my Dr. that did not show I had a problem with milk. But I knew different. I could, however, eat cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. The lactose tablets did not help me at all. A year of living this way brought me to my homeopathic doctor.

She tested me and told me it is NOT the milk that was the problem, but the homogenization. As she put it, there is nothing wrong with milk, it's what man has done to it. It changes the molecules to cause havoc in your digestive system. Just google "problems with homogenization" and you will learn a lot. The attached problem is, that anything made with milk, you can buy in the store, has homogenated milk in it!!

I think there are a lot of people out there who call themselves milk intolerant who might just be homogenization intolerant. If they can eat butter, cheese, then it might be totally different than what they think. Anyway, your milk being just past has given me back so much. Not only does it taste better, I feel so much better. I just wanted to pass on this important info & hope it helps someone else.

Barb M

Dear Twinbrook,   

I love your milk. Seriously.  I have not had a drop of milk for 10 years, due to a host of problems with our nations food supply.  I recently read some articles on raw milk and then found your website.  I was skeptical, but went out and purchased several whole milk and chocolate milk half gallons along with some heavy whipping cream (for my americanos). 

I am into my first month of drinking milk again (mostly post workout - I have some research showing that chocolate whole fat milk provides better replenishment of protein and glycogen stores then does the top name brand a fraction of the cost and a "whey" better taste.), and loving it. Thanks for making and shipping such a great product.     


I live in West Seattle and at the Metropolitan Market, I purchased your "Whole Milk". Wow, I'm 36 this month and I've never tasted real milk, there's no going back now.  How could you?

It's very, very delicious and great to cook with. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a great product, your farm is beautiful.

Thank You

Tim M

I just want to say 'Thank You' for making such a fantastic egg nog.  My oldest son and myself have been egg nog fanatics since we both were little.  My father would always treat me to the drink during the holidays when I was little and I tried to do the same with my two sons. 

My oldest has loved egg nog since the first time he tasted it.  My youngest son however has always stayed away from it.   He would try it every year hoping he could like the flavor but it never tasted right to him and he would refrain from taking more. 

Last week my son went to Metropolitan Market and was able to sample your egg nog during a holdiay get together.  Since he has tasted your product, we have gone through FOUR bottles! 

Again, thank you for making such an amazing tasting egg nog that even a guy who loathes egg nog, will drink it down and beg for more.  (By the way - He even tried other egg nog after yours and wasn't able to finish the glass.)


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