Twinbrook Creamery


Below you will find testimonials from real customers sharing their personal experiences with our Twin Brook Creamery products.

I was raised in Calif. on dairies that bottled our own milk. I know good milk. Besides being good milk, there is a health issue I don't hear much about. About 2 years ago, I discovered I was "lactose intolerant". I felt so much better when I cut out dairy, but I was so sad. I had blood work done at my Dr. that did not show I had a problem with milk. But I knew different. I could, however, eat cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. The lactose tablets did not help me at all. A year of living this way brought me to my homeopathic doctor.

She tested me and told me it is NOT the milk that was the problem, but the homogenization. As she put it, there is nothing wrong with milk, it's what man has done to it. It changes the molocules to cause havoc in your digestive system. Just google "problems with homogenization" and you will learn a lot. The attached problem is, that anything made with milk, you can buy in the store, has homogenated milk in it!!

I think there are a lot of people out there who call themselves milk intolerant who might just be homogenization intolerant. If they can eat butter, cheese, then it might be totally different than what they think. Anyway, your milk being just pasturized has given me back so much. Not only does it taste better, I feel so much better. I just wanted to pass on this important info & hope it helps someone else.

- Barb M

Dear Twinbrook,   

I love your milk. Seriously.  I have not had a drop of milk for 10 years, due to a host of problems with our nations food supply.  I recently read some articles on raw milk and then found your website.  I was skeptical, but went out and purchased several whole milk and chocolate milk half gallons along with some heavy whipping cream (for my americano's). 

I am into my first month of drinking milk again (mostly post workout - I have some research showing that chocolate whole fat milk provides better replenishment of protein and glycogen stores then does the top name brand a fraction of the cost and a "whey" better taste.), and loving it. Thanks for making and shipping such a great product.     

- Malec


       I live in West Seattle and at the Metropolitan Market, I purchased your "Whole Milk". Wow, I'm 36 this month and I've never tasted real milk, there's no going back now.  How could you?

It's very, very delicious and great to cook with. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a great product, your farm is beautiful.

Thank You

-Tim M 


I just discovered your milk a week ago and totally fell in love with it.  Over the years, I slowly developed a problem with drinking regular milk, but found that drinking "organic" milk didn't cause the problems.  For the most part, I had stopped drinking milk, but a week ago I was in my local QFC and found myself craving to have milk!

I didn't want to buy a lot, figuring a pint was about all I wanted.  There were the standard little lunch size cartons, which was only a cup, too small, then I saw your pint size bottles. They were the perfect size and I could recap it and take home and have later.  Today I was back at the store and bought the 32 oz size bottle. 

To be honest, I thought the bottles were so much fun that I was just planning on keeping them and using for other stuff when I saw the 'rinse and return for deposit" writing.  This led me to your website where I watched the videos and read the writing on each page. 

Your story totally enchanted me, and made me a fan.  From now on, your milk will be the only milk I'll buy locally!  Thanks for taking the effort and producing just a great product.

- Heidi

 Dear Twin Brook Dairy,

I just want to say 'Thank You' for making such a fantastic egg nog.  My oldest son and myself have been egg nog fanatics since we both were little.  My father would always treat me to the drink during the holidays when I was little and I tried to do the same with my two sons. 

My oldest has loved egg nog since the first time he tasted it.  My youngest son however has always stayed away from it.   He would try it every year hoping he could like the flavor but it never tasted right to him and he would refrain from taking more. 

Last week my son went to Metropolitan Market and was able to sample your egg nog during a holdiay get together.  Since he has tasted your product, we have gone through FOUR bottles! 

Again, thank you for making such an amazing tasting egg nog that even a guy who loathes egg nog, will drink it down and beg for more.  (By the way - He even tried other egg nog after yours and wasn't able to finish the glass.)

- Cat

Your milk rocks!

- Mindy

 My wife would only drink organic soy, but now after tasting it she is drinking cow's milk from Twin Brook.

- David B

I just wanted to write and say how much I love Twin Brook's milk!

I grew up drinking glass bottled milk from a local dairy in Pullman WA. When the owners retired and the business closed we started getting carton milk but it was not the same.

I was so pleased to see your products at TOP Foods when we moved to Olympia. It is wonderful to have fresh, local and ethically produced dairy products. We had the whipping cream with my dad's birthday strawberry shortcake and it was amazing. Thanks for the commitment to such a great product.                                                         

- Anna J

 Dear Twin Brook Creamery,

   The simple clean and clear look of the bottle I saw was too artistically pleasing not to buy.  The heavy 16 oz bottle of tasty chocolate milk I bought gave me joy to just hold because it was strong.  I delight in drinking your milk products. Keep them Jersey cows happy!                                                                                                                                                       - Pamela M

  I was in the Lakeway "The Market" a few days ago and on a whim decided to try your Whole Milk product.

OK..... I'm hooked. It's delicious! I forgot how good milk tasted when I was a child.    The first sip of your product reminded me of sitting at my Mom's table more than 60 years ago.

- Chuck B

Hello Twinbrook magic makers!

I just recently tried your product for the first time - to be more specific, I fell in love with your chocolate milk! I have since been heartbroken after leaving Seattle and not having access to your life changing chocolate milk in Anchorage, Alaska.

I am also a fan of Grimm and believe I saw your tell tale glass bottle during an episode last season, further convincing me of its magical properties. Please help to create a happy ever after for me - reach out to a Carrs or Fred Meyers so I can have your product locally and can stop crying myself to sleep at night. Thank you for creating such wonderous chocolate milk, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all...

 - Grace


I'd always seen your bottles at our local Issaquah grocery store but was put off by the bottle return fee.  So I decided to try it one day just to see what it was like.  I was completely blown away by the taste.  This is the taste of milk that I had as a kid (40+ years ago) and have always tried to recapture but never could. I tried the chocolate milk last night.  Again, simply blown away.  It was simply the best tasting chocolate milk I've ever had.  I can't even describe how good it tasted.  We've tried all kinds of expensive organic milk, grass fed organic milk, etc. but they all pale in comparison to your milk.  From now on, it's Twin Brook Creamery milk for life!

- John H


My name is Johanna and I am writing to thank you for the work you all do to provide us with such an excellent product.

 I have always enjoyed drinking milk and have consumed tons of it.  Seven years ago however, I ended up with breast cancer.  After doing a fair amount of research myself and being told by some in the medical profession that high dairy consumption may place one at higher risk for breast cancer I decided to stop drinking milk.

 After going through chemotherapy and associated treatments for my cancer I am now cancer free.  The problem was, my immune system was shot.  Prior to chemo I had always been very healthy and was rarely ill.  Following the chemotherapy I was sick constantly. 

 I looked into ways to rebuild my immune system.  I decided to try kefir which promises to repopulate gut flora, being a natural probiotic.  However, the products on the market are ultra pasteurized, contain sweeteners and are very pricey.  Fortunately I was able to connect with someone who had received some kefir "grains" (cultures), with which one can make their own kefir by placing them in milk.  I did not want to use the regular milk on the market because of the warnings I had learned of earlier.  Then someone told me about Twin Brook milk.  I am so thankful the QFC up the hill from my home carries it.  I began placing the cultures in the Twin Brook milk and the result was a wonderful thick kefir.  I have continued making kefir for almost four years using Twin Brook milk.  The kefir "grains" multiply so quickly I have to remove some of them each time I make a new batch.

 Here is the most interesting part. 

 I share the extra "grains" with friends and family members and have even given them away on Craigslist.  I always let people know they should use the grains in Twin Brook milk.  Inevitably they will call me back and wonder why their kefir turns out runny and why their grains don't multiply.  I ask if they are using Twin Brook milk.  The answer is always "NO".  Just this morning I received a text from a lady I'd shared "grains" with on Craigslist.  She is asking me for more grains because hers are becoming "fewer and fewer".  (Unfortunately she does not have a nearby distributor of Twin Brook milk.)

 This is all the proof I need that Twin Brook milk is far superior to anything else on the market. Kefir cultures eventually seem to die when placed in regular store bought milk.  There just isn't enough nutrient for them to survive!  The health benefits are also amazing.  Since I have been drinking kefir, using Twin Brook milk I have only had one significant cold in these last four years.

 I cannot thank you guys enough!  Keep up the excellent work.  I believe God has used the work you do in my life and in the lives of many others.

 Blessings to all of You!

 - Johanna L