Twinbrook Creamery

Mission Statement

We are a family owned & operated dairy that exists to glorify God through the stewardship of the soil and animals He has entrusted to our care, in the best possible way.

Our Family 

Mike Stap (plant manager) Levi T, Debbie S, Makenna T, Larry S, Samantha T, Michelle T, Mark T, Ethan T and Jacob T.


Our Farm

Twin Brook Creamery is nestled in the shadow of the Cascade Mountain Range in Lynden, Washington.  The freshly renovated bottling facility processes milk from our own Jersey cows. We strive to be the best possible stewards of the land, providing wildlife habitat and using the best management practices that are available.

Our Cows (the Girls)

We raise our own purebred registered Jersey cows. Jerseys produce milk with a higher protein and butterfat content, greatly enhancing the flavor.

We use no  synthetic  hormones (such as RBST) that artificially stimulate growth or milk production, giving us happy, healthy cows and the most natural milk a cow can produce. 

During the summer months we pasture the "girls" and we also put up our extra fields of grass which we use for the cows feed during the winter months.  We do not use commercial fertilizer or pesticides on our grass fields or pastures, so the feeds that they eat are as close to natural as we can provide them.


All of our products are Kosher Certified.