Twinbrook Creamery | Lynden, WA

Our Cows

Products made from 100% Jersey Milk.

We raise our own purebred registered Jersey cows. Jerseys produce milk with a higher protein and butterfat content, greatly enhancing the flavor.

We use no  synthetic  hormones (such as RBST) that artificially stimulate growth or milk production, giving us happy, healthy cows and the most natural milk a cow can produce. 

During the summer months we pasture the "girls" and we also put up our extra fields of grass which we use for the cows feed during the winter months.  We do not use commercial fertilizer or pesticides on our grass fields or pastures, so the feeds that they eat are as close to natural as we can provide them.

Our Products


What do our cows eat? We pasture our cows for as long as the growing season allows and they are fed the grass that was harvested and stored during the summer for their winter feed. We feed our cows  a small amount of grain, only a few pounds a day.  It consists mostly of vitamins and minerals to balance out their diet for their optimum health. We do not grow any GMO feeds for our cows.

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