Twinbrook Creamery | Lynden, WA


Hi! I just felt moved to say thank you for providing high quality milk from happy cows AND for providing it in glass bottles. I feel so good buying your milk because it comes from happy cows and I don't have to throw away the packaging-and it tastes so good. Thank you for doing your work so well for people and the planet. :)


Hello, just wanted to drop a note to thank you for your excellent product! I tried your regular whole milk and it was the creamiest best tasting milk I had ever had in my life. Now I have tried your chocolate and strawberry milk and put them in my smoothies as well as by itself. Your milk is a reminder that good healthy wholesome food is possible with the meticulous care and love that you put into your craft and cows. With great appreciation,

Claire Barnes

I love your milk. Thank you for selling your milk in glass bottles, not plastic or waxed cardboard. Thank you for all the hard work you do. Thank you for supplying retail establishments around Everett with your milk. Thank you for taking back the bottles and re-using them. Real milk. Yum. So so delicious and healthy.

Renee Quistorf

We discovered you milk at our local thrift way on Vashon.  Your milk is a super good value. We appreciate that glass container s to reduce paper and plastic and then the milk.  We’ve returned to making butter, cheese and yogurt and of course half and half and whipped cream.  Thank you for putting such a great, high quality product on our shelf.

Brad Shinn

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